Meet the 2022 Dood Squad!

Curious about the background in the photo!?!
We are pleased to announce that a portion of all proceeds from the sale of our puppies will be donated to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation,










DoodleNV Co-owner Charlie Gray, NREMT, FFT2, HazMat Ops

The following puppies are a cross between an AKC Moyen (Medium) Poodle Sire and a hybrid Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd dam. The result is a beautiful German Aussie Doodle. The price reflects the purebred father and the hybrid mother. Certificate of Breed available for the father. Price includes: dewormer, first three puppy shots (DA2PP) and microchip. Leash and crate training begins at 6 weeks for all our puppies.

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On April 25th, we welcomed 10 new pups to the DoodleNV family. Kali, our hybrid German/Australian Shepherd gave birth to 7 boys and 3 girls. Can you say adorable!?! They’re ready to ROCK their way into your heart!

“Don’t You Want Somebody to Love? “Grace Slick” is ready to be that somebody. The first born and the first female of our newest litter, this little girl is part “raccoon” and all Doodle! “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small”, but this little Doodle is ready to steal your heart!

Birth weight: 9.6 oz.

(Pink collar)


Our second born, looks like a little Holstein cow, hence the name “Angus, Angus Young“. You’ll be “Thunderstruck” when you see this little love bug. He’s definitely “Back in Black” (and white)!



Birth weight: 11.1 oz.

(Black collar)


You might cry a few “Tears in Heaven” when you meet “Eric Clapton”, our fourth pup born and 3rd male. He’s ready to “Change the World”, your world, as he rocks into your heart!


Birth weight: 10.25 oz.

(Red collar)

$1,495 $795 Sale Price

Coming in at third on our Rock ‘n Roll roster, is the Legend, “Jimi Hendrix”. One look at this Doodle and you’ll be in a Purple Haze”. Maybe the cutest “Guard Doodle” ever, he’ll be “All Along the Watchtower” looking for a way straight into your heart!

Birth weight: 13.15 oz.

(Orange collar)


Finally, our second girl breaking up the boy streak. “Lita Ford” won’t “Kiss You Deadly”, but you can definitely expect lots of puppy snuggles! Lita will have you “Falling In and Out of Love”. This girl is ready to go home with you and bring back the 80’s!

Birth weight:  10.6 oz. 

(Light Blue collar)


If “The Thrill is Gone” in your household, maybe what it’s missing is a little “B.B. King.” This “Sweet Little Angel” will have you feeling like you’re “Sweet Sixteen” again! 


Birth weight: 9.35 oz.

(Grey collar)

$1,495 $795 Sale Price

What’s the next best thing to a “Mercedes Benz”? 
How about our last little girl of the litter? “Janis Joplin” is ready to take Another Little “Piece of Your Heart”. This little will even give “Bobby McGee” a run for his money!

Birth weight: 11.0 oz.

(Purple collar)

$1,795 $995 Sale Price

Roll Over Beethoven” here comes “Chuck Berry”. The 5th male born in a row, he’s ready to go “Riding Along In Your Automobile” while you’re playing that “Rock and Roll Music”

Birth weight: 9.65 oz.

(Lime Green collar)


  This pup is definitely “Smooth”. Meet “Carlos Santana”. He’ll put the “Oye” in your “Como Va”
and have you changing your “Evil Way”. I mean, how could you be angry at a face like this!?!

Birth weight: 13.7 oz.

(Green collar)

$1,495 $795 Sale Price

“Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do”, “Eddie Van Halen” already knows and he’s ready to “Feel Your Love Tonight”. If you’re thinking about your next doodle pup, might as well “Jump!” and grab Eddie before someone else does!

Birth weight: 12.8 oz.

(Royal Blue collar)